Amish Boy Hanging Clothes
Gobelin woven tapestry, cotton warp, wool weft
34.75 x 40.5 “

One Spring, I visited my sister in Lancaster County where I lived until I was thirteen years old. I remember many Sunday drives through neighboring farmland where we often saw Amish buggies along the road. Every Saturday, my mother took us to Lancaster’s Farmers Market to buy our week’s supply of fresh produce and cold cuts and special doughnuts that were sold only once a year before Easter. I always wanted to weave a tapestry related to Lancaster but didn’t want to be disrespectful to the Amish. Stopping at a roadside stand, I noticed this boy hanging the family laundry. His mother said they didn’t pose for photographs but she didn’t forbid me from taking a picture. I didn’t want to scare the boy or offend his family but I snapped some pictures without taking much time to frame a shot. When I looked at the pictures later, I chose this picture of the boy looking at me skeptically over the clothesline, probably wondering who this stranger was watching him hang clothes. He’s no doubt forgotten that moment but for me it brought back a flood of memories of my own childhood growing up in Pennsylvania.

Amish Boy Hanging Clothes | ARTWORK, United States